Çamlı Is The Project Partner Of Horizon 2020

Çamlı, which has established the first integrated aquaculture facility of Turkey, broke a new ground by taking part in Horizon 2020; The Research and Innovation Programme Of European Union. Within the scope of this programme, Intelligent Management System For Integrated Multi-trophic Aquaculture (IMPAQT) project is examined.

In order to support the r&d and innovation activities scientifically, develop a nature friendly and sustainable approach and create fundamental changes in traditional production systems, various research institutes and companies such as; Intrasoft International, Easy Global Market, Marine Institute, Netaş, Dokuzeylül University, Stichting Noordzeeboerderij and Çamlı took part in this project. Our company, handled the system design and management of this IMPAQT application. The IMTA project, targets to be used and tested for the construction of environment- friendly breeding systems and integration of these new technologies to breeding systems with a budget about 5.8 Million Euro during 36 months.

Besides being an encouraging solution for sustainable development in aquaculture, it will also enable to use organic materials as nutrients in the ecosystem and manage the interaction between breeding activities and environment via the development of long term otonom sytems with smart sensors and data sources. The pilot schemes of these smart systems will be made in terrestrial, coastal and high seas for the regions such as; Scotland, Holland, Ireland, Turkey and China with this new system.

Additionally to the circular economy business model; a sustainable breeding model is going to be developed by importantly mentioning about efficiency, minimized environmental effects, social economic benefits and developed ecosystem monitoring services and developing new technologies which will contribute to environmentalism of European Union aquaculture.