Çamlı Yem Is At The Football Tournament!

In 4th of May, Çamlı, which is the Agricultural, Husbandry and Fishery Group of Yaşar Holding, organized a football tournament in Vizyon sport facilities by the attendancy of 88 personnels.

The cut- throat races are held in May 4-18 between eight teams. Enthusiasm of the spectators were felt during the matches. In the sequel, a semi final battle is organized between Çeşme Pınar Deniz, which is the best performing team of group B and Hindi İşletmesi, which is the latter of group A and Büyükbaş İmalat, which is the best performing team of group A and Makina Bakım, which is the latter of group B. As a result of this battle, Büyükbaş İmalat and Çeşme Pınar Deniz got through to final.

While Abdurrahim Dur from the team of Çeşme Pınar Deniz, is selected as the top goal scorer in the final battle which is organized in 30th May, the team of Büyükbaş İmalat became the champion.

We would like to thank to all of the team members in this tournament organization for their attendancy and congratulate for their success.