Championship Excitement Of Çamlı!

The championship race of the 10th Esin Özgener Sport Ceremony is held on 11th May 2018 between Çamlı Feed Animal Husbandry Co. and Pantergücü at Vizyon Sport Facilities.

The whole team players of Çamlı Feed Animal Husbandry Co. overperformed in this match, defeated the rival by a 4-0 margin and became the champion. Mahmut Özgener, who is the son of Esin Özgener and the new president of İzmir Chamber Of Commerce, awarded the championship medal to them with a solemnity. Dear Hasan Girenes, who is the Executive Vice President of the Agricultural, Livestock and Fishery Group and Dear Gökhan Korkut, who is the Director of Feed Business Unit, attended the ceremony and shared happiness of the whole team players.

We would like to congratulate our team for their outstanding performances they have showed from beginning to championship and sequential winning streaks of them.