Maximum Growth with BIOAQUA Fry Feeds

It is possible to say that, nowadays for aquaculture breeders, the biggest factor increasing the cost is the rise in feed use rates in the long growth process of fry. When cost increases caused by fry deaths, losses due to diseases and deformation of fish are added to these costs, it is hard for producers to put up with the high costs.

Yaşar Holding Agriculture Group company Çamlı A.Ş., promises a growth in maximum speed in fry with a new ration it formed as a result of long R&D practices for fry feeds take place in fish feed product portfolio branded as BIOAQUA. With Bioaqua fry feeds that speeds up the growth of fish and enables fish to reach to a maximum height and weight in a short period, Çamlı aims to increase the economic performance of fish producers.

Fry feeds that has high quality hydrolyzed fish meal and free nucleotide in it, are enriched with natural additives that helps fish to develop immunity to stress and diseases. In micron feeds, in which 83% of protein ingredient is made of marine origin raw materials, w-3/w-6 with DHA/EPA rates are formulated according to the needs of fry and all feeds have high digestibility.

With Bioaqua fry feed that has free nucleotide and high phospholipids, Çamlı provides growth in maximum speed and also avoid diseases by developing the immune system of fish and offer solution to deformation in fish.