Second Stop of Producer Development Seminars: Fethiye

Acting together with the responsibility of informing the producers and aiming culture fishing, whose importance is rising day by day, to be carried out much more consciously and effectively in Turkey, Yaşar Holding Agriculture Group company Çamlı continuously proceeds with its projects.

After Milas, Fethiye is the second stop of “Fish Feed and Aquaculture” seminars that will be held by Çamlı all over Turkey during 2012. In the seminar attended by many trout breeders, Dr. Ahmet Adem Tekinay, Dean of Faculty of Aquaculture in Katip Çelebi University, provided a training regarding “ Feed Choice and Feeding Techniques in Trout Breeding”, after the presentations of Çamlı managers regarding projects of year 2012. First trials of breeding system exclusive to the farms, which is the new Project of Çamlı, were also conducted in the seminar.

Çamlı, which is acting together with its producers for right animal breeding, sustainable livestock and raising healthy generations in Turkey, met with its producers via “Together We’ll Succeed!” concept. Having reached success and brought in many news with the power of its associate producers, Çamlı emphasized that via this motto it adopted, it will grow and achieve its objectives thanks to the support, views and feedbacks of its producers.