Turkey Producer Of Çamlı Took Place In The "Women Of The Soil" Project!

The ‘Women Of The Soil’ project is carried out with the cooperation of T.R Ministry Of Food, Agriculture and Livestock and Provincial Directorate Of İzmir and 230 farmers living in rural areas and labor in agricultural production, attended the project in which the success stories of them are mentioned during 7 months. 35 successful women are awarded in the prize- giving ceremony which is organized in İzmir Chamber Of Commerce.

Özlem Harman, who is the turkey producer of Çamlı in Tire Çayırlı Village and European Union Member Of İzketbir, is awarded with a plaque through her successful studies by Aysel Öztezel who is the Chairwoman of Women Entrepreneurs Council. The role of Turkish women in agricultural production is explained in detail, movie screening of the project and introduction of the ‘Women Of The Soil’ book are made in the ceremony.

Çamlı, which is the Agricultural, Livestock and Fishery company of Yaşar Holding, has been shaping the fattening sector with its’ firsts since it was established. It highly gives importance to women producers by continuously supporting them and 25 percentage of its’ turkey producers, consist of women.