Cattle Husbandry

Çamlı Feed Husbandry is the first company in Turkey which established the North American open livestock system in Kuyucak Kemalpaşa in 1987. Çamlı has been performing cattle production through the modern livestock systems in Kuyucak Farm in Kemalpaşa since 1987. The carcass production, which is performed with totally hygenic and controlled conditions, is sold to Pınar Meat and the leading chain stores in Turkey.

Yaşar Group has leaded the way in Turkey by importing Angus cattle in 2000 and 2003, as Turkey had a lack of beef cattle breed. Production of Angus breed is still an increasing trend. Besides chain stores, Çamlı sells Angus carcass meat to restaurants and hotels.

Angus is a beef breed which is easy to manage, besides its capacity of beef production, increase in live weight and high birth productivity. With its high feed conversion rate, Angus is positioned as a premium beer in the world with its soft and delicious taste. The marbling (the spread of fat like veins) is in the top level in Angus as compared to other kinds of beef cattle.

Dairy cattle livestock has also been among the activities of the company since 2004. All of the dairy products are sold to Pınar Dairy Co. Inc. Çamlı has designed the project of dairy cattle farming with a capacity of 1000 milk cows and feed plant facility in an area of 156 ha in Beydere/Manisa, on which production of feed plant such as common vetch and corn for silage is carried out, and it has completed all the legal permissions and certificates. The chief aim of the project is to satisfy the needs for dairy breed cattle of producers and contribute to their education as well as increasing the milk production.

Çamlı continues its activities on producing milk, dairy and beef cattle breeding and is developing growth strategies in these fields.