Feed Production

Çamlı which has first started its' activities with feed production, represents quality and trust in the sector through its 10 different production locations and its brands above 10. It is known as the first company which produced the first Culture Fish, the first Fish Feed, the first American Style Open Feedlot, the first Turkey Husbandry, the first integrated Organic Fertilizer, the first Organic Fish Feed, the first Labeled Culture Fish and it brought other various innovations to our country.  

Production of cattle and ovine, poultry, fish and special feeds are carried out in the feed production facility of Çamlı Feed Husbandry which is located in İzmir Pınarbaşı. Çamlı manages the whole process rigorously from production to consumption via the “Feed is for nutrition” mentality. As well as the standard products, it enriches the product range every year with various special feeds and functional products that are produced for farms. Çamlı reaches its customers both via distributor or directly, offers support to the producer about farm management and animal health implementations via its technical staff and helps producer to become conscious by providing trainings. 

In the production facilities of Çamlı Feed Husbandry, manufacturing is made in accordance with the standards of ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System and ISO 22000:2005 Food Safety Management System.

Çamlı is the first feed company in Turkey which applied the requirements of GLOBAL GAP (CFM) Standard whose main subjects are Food Safety, Environmental Protection, Worker's Health and Safety and Animal Welfare and is the first to be certified by inspection. 

Çamlı has the organic feed production certificate since 2008 after the inspection conducted by ECOCERT, an international Organic Certification institution. It added another ring to the integration chain in organic production via Organic Cattle feed production in 2012. Lastly, it has gained ISO 50001 Energy Management System Certificate in June 2013.

By this means, Çamlı aims to increase the reliability, quality and value of the products it produces, and highlights once more its sensitivity towards environment, its employees and animal welfare.