Fish Farming

The Sea Food Plant of Çamlı, which was established in 1985, is the pioneer of modern and integrated production in Turkey. This is the first plant which is established in Aegean Sea Coasts that is assumed as the source of inspiration for region countries. 

Production is made in nearly 12.000 m2 terrestrial and 36.500 m2 maritime field in the facility which is located in Çeşme Ildırı. The capacity is about 7.000 tone sea bass- sea bream and 74 million fry fish. Additionally, some experimental works are performed for the production of new types. 

Çamlı, has such an approach which doesn’ t compromise from its’ quality with its’ expert staff and high technology in production. Egg larvas are grown by continously controlling in the hatcheries. As being the pioneer of the sector; Çamlı, developped a new pre-fattening and fattening cage application. The fry fish which are grown in pre-fattening cages are grown by transferring them to fattening cages after they are landed, counted and grafted. 

Çamlı is the first company which has GLOBAL GAP certification in Turkey in such an integration which includes the feed, brootstock, breeding and packaging activities by applying the requirements of the GLOBAL GAP Aqua standarts. It proves its’ quality in feed production and aquaculture by making high quality fish production with regular controls. 

The products which are produced in this plant, are presented to consumers and attracted their attention in the largest chain stores as being the first labeled fish with Pınar Fish brand. 

These fresh fish of Çamlı which are produced with high technology, are both demanded in the domestic and foreign markets such as; Russia, Germany, England, Spain, Italy, Qatar, etc. The fish which are breeded in their natural environment with high quality products, satisfy all of the criterias for homogenisation, meat color and taste of the export markets.