Human Resources Policy

What lies behind the success of Çamlı in such a short period is the importance it gives to human resources. Maintaining its leadership in every branch it competes by presenting quality and tasteful products appropriate to humans, Çamlı shares the same philosophy in evaluating the intra-group human resources: Human First.

We can summarize the human resources objectives of Çamlı as below: 

• Constantly working together with qualified human resource having Yaşar competences,

• Extending the competence based human resources management system that has been launched (Performance evaluation, potential determination, career planning, organizational backup implementations) on the basis of all employees, 

• Making employees feel that they are precious and members of a huge family,

• Via various incentives, encouraging employees to offer comments and suggestions for developing the system,

• Enabling employees to improve their competences via continuous trainings and by creating learner organization culture. 

Quality Chambers, Self-Managing Teams, Cost Enhancement System and Simple 6 Sigma; are amongst the main human resources applications ensuring the participation of the employees. 

All of these practices are supported by self-evaluation practices in which the perfection model is used that assists for the determination of strong and enhancable fields in quality journey and for the implementation of relevant actions. Substantial amounts are invested in for the training of Çamlı employees. 

Application form you are going to fill will be added to our databank for evaluating in open positions in each Yaşar group company.