How Should The Ration Be For The Early- Weaned Calf?

Because of the reason that calfs do not have functional tripes, feeding should be made with high- concentrated ration. 

Taste of the ration is initially important. In this case, some criterias can be mentioned with the aim of providing it as required by:

At the beginning, amount of the roughage in the granulated ration( especially high qualified hay, dehydrated clover or heated pellet feed ) should be restricted with 20 percent and 5 percent of dry or wet syrup should be added with the aim of improving the taste. In some situations; especially in the next few days afer weaning, roughage can be offered with concentrated ration optionally. This roughage can especially be clover, bromine or any other high- qualified forage. After the consumption of rations, protein rate can decrease to 15 percent. Additionally, percent of the roughage can increase for decreasing the overcondition possibility. This action should be performed on heifers.