14 May World Farmers Day

The production of vegetable and animal products using soil and seeds is called agriculture. Agricult...

Süleyman Güler / May 21, 2021

Risk Management In Our Changing World

Risk is an essential element to be considered in business world. It is assumed as the possible losse...

Süleyman Güler / April 13, 2020

Çamlı Feed With 35 Years Experience, Quality And Reliability...

Çamlı Feed symbolizes quality and reliability in various operating fields by working with the aim of...

Süleyman Güler / July 1, 2019


The importance of motivation for employees...

Süleyman Güler / February 5, 2019

Updated Economic Definitions

The beneficial definitions to know about economy...

Süleyman Güler / September 27, 2018

Any Of Three Radiations Of Heat Falling In Succession From Sun To Air, Public Calendar and Agriculture

It is believed that Cemre’s are the indications of 'the increases in temperature'. A word of Arabic...

Süleyman Güler / April 2, 2018

Management Reporting

Reporting, is defined as reporting the result of a business process to the relevant people

Süleyman Güler / December 15, 2017

Saving Investment Equilibrium and Development

For the developing countries, development can be defined as; increasing capital stock

Süleyman Güler / February 20, 2017

Agricultural Industry Sector in Turkey

Türkiye, 769 bin km2 olan yüzölçümünün yaklaşık %28’ ini tarımsal alanlarda kullanan

Süleyman Güler / June 10, 2016

Energy Efficiency

Her yıl 11 - 18 Ocak tarihleri arası Enerji Tasarrufu Haftası olarak kutlanır

Süleyman Güler / January 27, 2016

The Importance of Working Capital in Businesses

Managers mostly spend their time on working capital as being aware of its’ importance

Süleyman Güler / October 26, 2015

Everything About Budget

The secret of success lies in “planning”, “organization” and “supervision”

Süleyman Güler / January 12, 2015

Are Technological Investments Priority than Investment to People?

Technological developments play very important role in shaping structure of community

Süleyman Güler / December 2, 2014

Two Champions at The World Cup

During the finals, 32 teams from 5 continents competed

Süleyman Güler / August 5, 2014

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