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The Leader Of Earth Pond Aquaculture: Denizcan Yem

In the date of 15.04.2016, an interview is made with Ertan İçöz from Denizcan Yem; one of our distributors which is located in Milas. 

Özer Akçam: Hello, Mr. İçöz, we primarily thank you for your time. We would like to make an interview about the sector and our cooperation with you. Can you mention about the development process of Denizcan Yem from past until today?

Ertan İçöz: As you know; Denizcan Yem is established in 2008 and came into operation with sale of feeds to earth pond fishermen. At the beginning, we were four co- partners in our company, but now we are continuing our way as being two partnered family business. 

Between the years 2008- 2016, we stood shoulder to shoulder with Çamlı and we are striving to survive in the sector together. 

Özer Akçam: You are the one which has the highest tonnage and giro among our ‘ Fish Feed ‘ distributors. Would you like to share your success story with us?

Ertan İçöz: First of all, I would like to mention about the concept of stability in quality and service which can be defined as the source of our success. We have been pleased with selling Çamlı products for 8 years. We sometimes face with problems, but we easily overcome these through the transmitted detailed information from you and we work things out. It should be stated that; the reason for our stability is definitely because of the fact that; we are producers too and this quality of us lead to success. As Denizcan Yem, we have a branch company; Net Fishery and Aquaculture Co. Ltd ,which is in business with fish production in Milas Ekinanbarı. Accordingly, we give importance to producer- oriented communication and always struggle to be understanding. 

In this process, it should be emphasized that; stability in our quality has made us different from others.

Özer Akçam: Can you give some information about earth pond aquaculture? How does this type differentiate itself from others? What are the advantages and disadvantages of it?

Ertan İçöz: Earth pond aquaculture firstly provides added value to Milas economy, then to the country’ s economy. In this type of aquaculture, incapable soils are evaluated and made beneficial for the economy. Denizcan Yem, has recently reached nearly 3.000 tone capacity with its 25 years past and this quantity plays a significant role in the evaluation of arid lands. 

Özer Akçam: Why should we consume earth pond sea bass and sea bream or why should these be our preferences?

Ertan İçöz: First of all; earth pond sea bass and sea bream should be preferred because of its’ different taste. Diversified breeding conditions enhance flavor and make the taste more delicious rather than other types. And as a result of the differences in feeding and water structure, sea bass and sea bream are fed nature identically.  

Özer Akçam: What sort of things can you say about the circumstances of producers?

Ertan İçöz: The producers who make production in earth ponds have both advantages and disadvantages in comparison with others. At this point, a more controlled and a more short- dated production will be made and the sales prices will be cyclically affected in more positive or negative ways. Producers in the region, have to choose the right time for the most profitable period for themselves because of taking place in 29- 50 tonner small- scale farms. The prices of sea bass and sea bream are affected from the weights of produced earth pond sea bass. Apart from all of these, I want to state that; we can tell our producers healthily with the market predictions and information which we get and achieve success in our sales by the supports that we take. 

Sales of the products are made in domestic markets because of the disadvantages such as; surplus energy wastage, unexecuted export etc. 

Özer Akçam: How do you evaluate the sea bass- sea bream sector in Turkey?

Ertan İçöz: There is definitely an upturn in the years of 2015- 2016. Especially apparent increases in export, raised the prices and accordingly to this; I think, we found the ways for gaining profit. 

Özer Akçam: Are you pleased to your cooperation with Çamlı Yem?

Ertan İçöz: Our cooperation has been continuing since 2008. We; as Denizcan Yem, desire sustainability in our success with the cooperation of Çamlı Yem and hope to bring this to the future by providing mutual stability. 


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