Indispensible Thing For Metabolism: Water

Water is an essential nutrient in nature for plants and animals. A large part of the animal body is composed of water. Even the water ratio in the newborn can reach 80% of the total body weight. This ratio falls down to 50% over time, even so the water is an indispensable source of food for animals and in fact for all mammal creatures. Fat ratio in the body significantly affects the water ratio. Fat ratio increases with decreasing water ratio. The reason is that the fat tissue has lower water holding capacity in compared with other tissues.

Water needs may vary depending on various factors. In beef cattles, high amount of urine outflow is necessary to stabilize high protein and salt concentration in the body. Therefore, water consumption is increasing. In beef cattles, it is necessary to adjust the water uptake depending on high protein the needs. Water need is given in the table according to the temperature and weights.

In dairy cattles, about 87% content of milk is water. Having an adequate amount of drinking water is very important for milk cattle raising. Many of the producers are always trying to enable cows reach fresh water. Water need of lactating cows; depends on milk production, the quantity of water in the feed and environmental factors. The highest water uptake need of cows is observed in situations where they eat food the most.