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Organic Fertilizer and Plant Nutrition Production

Çamlı Feed Animal Husbandry Co. which is the Agricultural, Livestock and Fishery group company of Yaşar Holding, contributes to the sector with its’ modern production methods.

Our organic fertilizer factory located in Ören with a field of 2500 square meter, has been operating since 2001. The produced solid farm manures, are offered to market with its’ BIOFARM brand. Healthy agricultural products are cultivated and sustainability for agriculture is provided in our barren soils with excessive chemical fertilizer consumption.

Solid Farm Manures, which are produced with oxygenic fermentation method of cattle fertilizer, improve the physical, chemical and biological features of soil and provide healthy and balanced development by continuously feeding plants. Biofarm Solid Farm Manure is the most preferrable organic fertilizer for greenhouse, cropland vegetable plants, fruit trees, field plants, seed plots, grass areas, ornamental plants and landscape designs.

Liquid Herbal Origin Organic Fertilizers, are produced with the scientific fermentation and hydrolisation methods of the natural raw material sources. This type of fertilizer is highly influential for improving the features of soil and providing healthy plant development. It increases the effectiveness of other plant nutrition products and provides maximum benefit. Besides these organic origin products, chemical liquid and powder plant nutrition products are also being produced in the facility.

Moreover, the produced fertilizers are offered to market as being concentrated. Thus, they reduce the costs of producers. And because they don’t abolish the operations of watering and spraying equipments, they can be used securely. Each stage of production, is prepared by being subjected to the well developped laboratory analyses and quality controls which are established within the scope of facility.

Our company makes production suitable to the ISO 9001: Quality Management System, ISO 22000: Food Security Management System and ISO 50001 Energy Management System. Additionally; our organic fertilizers are certificated by ECOCERT which is the International Organic Certification Institute. 

Our company adopts to operate by being respectful to the people, environment, nature and each value chain as a principle.

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