A New Product From Çamlı; Cool Cat Feed!

Çamlı, which is the Agricultural, Animal Husbandry and Fishery company of Yaşar Community, operates in various fields from feed production and animal husbandry to plant nutrition and organic fertilizer, aquaculture, organic dairy cattle breeding, turkey breeding, dog feed, cattle, small cattle, poultry and fish feed production. By the year 2018, it is penetrating the cat feed market. The Cool Cat brand, which is formulized for healthy development of animals, is going to start to be put up for sale in all pet shops as soon as possible.

Cool Cat Feed, which is specially produced for the kitten, adult and sterilized cats, targets to meet its’ high nutritional content with consumers. Cool Cat, provides animals to have healthy skin and shiny hair with its’ rich content in terms of Omega 3 and Omega 6 oil acids by ideally satisfying the nutrient needs of them. In addition to the quality vitamins and minerals in its’ content; it provides cats to have healthy digestion systems with its’ high digestibility feature. Besides weight control, it provides healthy development for the musculoskeletal systems.

Çamlı, carries on its’ studies about increasing quality native feed consumption in Turkey.