Çamlı, Within The 500 Large Industrial Enterprises!

The results of the 500 Largest Industrial Enterprises (ISO 500) surveys which are ranged according to the production capacities and sales extents of companies, are published by İstanbul Chamber of Industry.

Çamlı Feed Animal Husbandry Co. is announced to be in the 345th place with its’ 450.000.000 TL Giro and 26.000.000 $ export for the year 2017. It started to operate with compound feed production in 1983 and has been carrying on its' activities in aquaculture, organic dairy farming, turkey breeding, plant nutrition, cat- dog food and such fields.

Production and sales quantities, net sales, tax rates, export, average number of employees and such factors are being considered in the evaluations and as a result of these, the industrial giants of Turkey are defined.