Rumen Regulator 10 Kg

Rumen Regulator 10 Kg

General Information:

Rumen is such a component that provides stability for PH, avoids acidosis and resolves the problems about acid base imbalance.


  • It is a rumen regulator which can be given to the calf and dairy cattle except 3 weeks before birth.
  • It increases the feed conversion rate for our fattening calf by avoiding tympani, foot problems and low weight gain diseases.
  • It includes buffer combination in desired levels to be able to protect the PH level of rumen and intestines.
  • It increases the dry material intake and feed conversion rate by composing balanced rumen PH.
  • It increases milk and meat efficiency depending upon the increasing feed activities.


  • The given amount of Rumen Regulator feed, should be one third of the suggested dose for the first week, two third for the second week and complete dose for the end of the second week.
  • The daily amount should be about 50-200 gr per animal. 

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