Avkif Dog Race Continues with Bodrum Lap

Avkif Dog Race Continues with Bodrum Lap

Cool Dog, Çamlı’s dog food brand takes place as the supporter and the main sponsor of all other activities with pasture and race competition organized by AVKIF International Eurasian Dog Breeds and Stray Dogs Protection and Development Federation.

The competitions continued with Bodrum and Gönen. Hunting dogs in pasture competition and sacker dogs in race beauty competition, the dogs competed head to head. And the ranking dogs were rewarded with Cool Dog dog food.

Avkif has been established for protect, improve, record the hunting – work dogs and needy stray dogs in Turkey and it cooperates and work together with the relevant ministries, government agencies and veterinary departments within the universities making gene researches, hunters' associations, associations and federations making studies for protection of animal rights, the volunteer dog lovers.

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