AWIN Project Assessment Meeting

AWIN Project Assessment Meeting

Cooperation was made in the measurement and improvement of animal welfare in turkeys together with Ege University Faculty of Agriculture and Poultry Business Directorate of Production within the context of the AWIN “Animal Welfare Indicators” project, which is being run with the support of the European Union. In June 2014, training sessions that were carried out with the participation of the Department of Zootechnics at the Faculty of Agriculture of Ege University, AWIN project team members from the Milan University and Çamlı Fodder team were maintained with the applications performed at both the chicken coops that have contracts with Çamlı and the Hedef Ziraat chicken coops. Ege University and Çamlı Yem Besicilik (Fodder and Animal Farming) from Turkey participated in the project and it was completed in December 2014.

The annual assessment meeting of Poultry Welfare Working Group of World Poultry Husbandry Association was held at the Ege University Faculty of Agriculture, hosted by Scientific Chicken Husbandry Association, which acts as the Turkey branch of WPSA, on 24 March 2015. In the meeting in which 20 researchers from 12 European Union countries participated, the scientific studies conducted within the year 2014 and the legal arrangements regarding animal welfare were discussed and important works such as identifying the scientific program of the “International Poultry Animal Welfare Symposium”, which is held every four years and which will be held in France in June 2017, and identifying the scientific committee members were completed successfully.



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