Çamlı and Varollar are in Burdur Fair!

Çamlı and Varollar are in Burdur Fair!

Çamlı Yem (Fodder) and the Local Dealer of Burdur, Varollar Ticaret (Commerce) held a joint participation in Teke Region Live Animals, Animal Husbandry, Agricultural Technologies and Fodder Fair organized in Burdur between the dates 21-24 May, 2015.

In this fair actualized in Teke Region, which has the quality of being the most important production center where the enterprises of animal husbandary in Turkey go to in order to supply Heifers for Breeding, the issues such as the high potential of the region for cattle farming and for sheep and goat farming, and that the region is the most important center in Turkey wide in supplying the Heifers for Breeding, have been discussed.

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