Çamlı is at the Milas Fair!

Çamlı is at the Milas Fair!

Çamlı Yem participated in the Milas Food, Agriculture and Animal Farming Fair, in which 140 firms participated, 200 thousand people were hosted during the fair and in which an important first was realized in terms of the county history. The protocol and citizens who participated in the opening of the fair visited the booths in the fair. Food, Agriculture and Animal Farming Fair was very colorful thanks to the participation of many firms.

Many citizens from the villages of Milas and who are Union member producers and producers who are not union members visited the booth and received information on the union work. The union booth attracted the attention of many producers in addition to many participant firms, institutions and organizations that participated in the fair from the surrounding provinces and counties. The team paid attention to the producers individually in this fair, which Çamlı Yem also supported, and showed that it is always supportive of Milas union and the producers.

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