Field Visits From Çamlı!

Field Visits From Çamlı!

Çamlı, which has been continuing its’ activities without compromising from the quality and reliability standards since establishment, visits its customers on a regular basis in order to strengthen communication, cooperation and loyalty between each other.

Within this scope, some field visits to Tire Dairy Cooperative, Osman Özdemir Agriculture, Bademli Cooperative, Agrovit Feed and Igdeli Cooperative are organized with the valuable attendancy of Honorous Selim Yaşar; the Chairman of Çamlı Feed and Yaşar Holding.

During the visits, some evaluations are made about the past and future of the sector, conversations are had about long term cooperations and key points are highlighted for mutual development with the directions of Honorous Cenk Doğru; the Business Unit Director, Hasan Alçın and Mesut Güner; the Sales Managers of Cattle and Sheep & Goat Business Units and Yavuz Erten; the R&D Manager of Çamlı.

Çamlı, has been making feed production with the guarentee of Yaşar Holding and it is always in good cooperation with its’ customers by building  sustainable and long term relationships.

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