Fishing Ban Has Started

Fishing Ban Has Started

Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock, announced that a general fishing ban started in all seas from the date of April 15, 2015 for the fishermen hunting with trawl and purse seine nets. Fishing ban will continue in the seas until September 1, 2015. During this time the fishes known as migrating fishes such as "blue fish, anchovies, bonito" will pass to Black Sea from Aegean Sea through the straits and the Marmara sea and they will leave their eggs here. For this five-month ban period, fishermen will draw the boats into harbors and they will make preparations for the new season starting to repair their nets.

Fishermen’s obeying with the ban of hunting of fisheries, allowing the fishes’ reproduction at least once throughout their lives in order to benefit from resources of fisheries economically and to protect the quality and stocks of fisheries, is the biggest responsible for future generations.

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