Green Star Goes To Çamlı!

Green Star Goes To Çamlı!

In the competition of Yaşar’s Stars, which the third of it is organized this year by Yaşar Holding, with its Project of “Multi-trophic Production in Aquaculture” it received the Green Star award, which is the star of one of our corporate values, “Our Environmental and Social Responsibility”.

With this Project, the production area is stabilized organically and inorganically by producing different sea creatures in the same system and a more stable aquaculture area is provided. The environmental impacts are being reduced with the aquacultural multi-trophic approach, and while the impact of the production on the environment is minimized by creating a cleaner space for species to be produced, more species can be cultured during this process. Made production, Besides the benefits to be obtained for fish production, other types of species, which are being produced, can be grown without the need for any input. With the realization of these, the aquaculture area used becomes cleaner and becomes an argument that can eliminate the prejudices about the fish farms.

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