Producer Seminars from Çamlı

Producer Seminars from Çamlı

Yaşar Holding Agriculture Group company Çamlı, which acts with the responsibility of informing the producers and which is a pioneer in the feeding of animals with fodder that is of high quality, healthy and that contains fodders whose contents have been guaranteed, and in well breeding, and which aims at ensuring that animal framing in Turkey is done with much more awareness and efficiency, is continuing its work without any intervals.

Çamlı, which has added Burdur to the producer seminars, which have been continuing since the beginning of 2015, organized a producer seminar with meals for 200 people. Prof. Dr. Ahmet Alçiçek, who is the feed/fodder consultant at Çamlı and who works at Ege University, Faculty of Agricultural Engineering, talked about the problems experienced by the producers at the producer seminar organized by Çamlı with his presentation named “The importance of nutrition for dairy cattle in the 100 critical days after the birth”.

Çamlı aims at the feeding of animals with high quality and reliable feeds/fodder for healthy food production and raising of animals in healthy conditions, and it emphasizes that it can develop and reach its aims thanks to the support, opinions and feedback of feed/fodder producers.

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