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A Journey From The Past with Durmazlar Aquaculture

Harun Kurul: Could you tell about yourself, as Durmazlar Aquaculture? You are in cooperation with Çamlı for years. Could you tell us how this cooperation began?

Şevki Durmaz: Durmazlar Aquaculture was established in 1989-1990; while we could obtain a production of 5 tons/year in hexagonal cages under the conditions of that time, currently, the total production achieved by Durmazlar Aquaculture and Hasan Durmaz has reached to 1050 tons/year.

There was Yatağan Yem in the years when we started our business. We had supplied the feeds from this company, for a short time. Later, we began to buy the feeds from the Pınar Yem Dealer in Milas, in 1992-1993. Since then, we have been using Çamlı Yem. In addition to feed, we also started the commercial fish and fish fry trade, of course.

Harun Kurul: We have continued fish feed – fish trade with you for years. And you are one of our important breeders to whom we apply this model. What do you think about the advantages of this model?

Hasan Durmaz: Here, the important point is to be able to cover the costs incurred in the process from buying the fish in fry state until bringing it to a merchantable position, and in our opinion, the advantage in this point is achieved with high quality fish fry, high quality fish and rapid harvest. Let’s not even mention about the price. There are a few companies to which we can deliver the raised fish reliably. One of them is Çamlı.

Harun Kurul: What are your prior expectations with regard to the feed to be used in your farms?

Hasan Durmaz: Quality, Stability and Price. It is the right of each breeder to ask for them. Since, feeds constitute the 70-80% of the cost incurred in a farm.

Harun Kurul: You have trusted in the quality of Çamlı Yem since years. Is there anything you want to add in order to maintain this trust consistently and improve this nice relation?

Hasan Durmaz: As you already said, Çamlı Yem needs to operate in a more integrated manner. Especially, it should protect the companies working with it. Çamlı Yem has always been a leading company in the market. It shouldn’t lose this position in the sector. However, we are upset to see that it falls behind the sector despite being the first company established in this sector. Our sole concern to deliver the fish raised by us to a reliable company at deserved, just prices (to Çamlı Yem).

Harun Kurul: Could you mention about the current state of the fishery sector and your expectations?

Şevki Durmaz: The important thing is that the cost of the raised fish shouldn’t exceed the sale prices; it is necessary that the fish prices don’t decrease for the survival of the small-scaled companies like us. However, the companies producing in mass tons may change the prices according to the condition of the fish in their stocks and market conditions. This situation damages the breeders like us. On the other hand, unconscious breeding also impairs the sector; the previous crises are the indicators of this condition. When we started this business, there were hundreds of breeders including small-scaled ones. Now, the number is not more than 10-20. This number seems to reduce more.  The determinants in the sector are obvious: Çamlı, Kılıç, Agromey and Sürsan.

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