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The Life Story Of Rodos Süt

In the date of 14.06.2016, an interview is made with Pınar Göçen from Rodos Süt; one of our distributors which is located in Muğla.

Koray Şentürk: How did Rodos Süt take up business? Would you like to share your initiation story with us?

Pınar Göçen: In fact, it is a long adventure and a long way to handle. From the point of trade; it can be mentioned as a historic process which firstly started with bringing animal milk from the village, then continued with bringing all of the collected milk to our milk center. At this point, my father Doğan Rados should importantly be talked about as the founder and developer of Rodos Süt. 

Koray Şentürk: What is the source of your success? Which factors have provided you to achieve your targets since 1982?

Pınar Göçen: The essential factors for our achievements can be stated as the constituted trust and stability of us via daily handed milk from village to Yatağan for 13 years, fulfillment of agricultural needs and constitution of our own milk collection center in 1995. This well equipped environment provided us to achieve our targets and it encouraged us to carry ourselves a step forward. 

Koray Şentürk: What sort of services do you offer to farmers with your quality and customer satisfaction- oriented production approach?

Pınar Göçen: We aim to satisfy the needs of the region by giving full satisfaction to our producers and farmers from the point of agriculture and husbandry. Accordingly, we will continue to serve to our country by protecting quality standards of the products. 

Koray Şentürk: Would you like to mention about your enterprises in husbandry? 

Pınar Göçen: In my opinion, husbandry is a very complicated process. It involves all of the issues from agricultural production to animal care and feeding, from milk production to product making. We have just composed the product and business processes in this field. 

Koray Şentürk: In what aspects do you think Rodos Süt is the pioneer?

Pınar Göçen: As Rodos Süt, we aim to develop the employment conditions and the sector by endevaouring as much as we can. Beyond leadership, development of these are essentially important for our company. 

Koray Şentürk: Can you mention about your cooperation process with Çamlı? When did it start and what are your expectations from this cooperation on the road to growth? 

Pınar Göçen: Our cooperation with Çamlı started in 1995. Yaşar Holding institution has been our partner for years and there is no doubt that; our business partnership is going to continue by setting higher standards day by day. 

Koray Şentürk: Would you like to share your thoughts with us about the future of feed and milk sector?

Pınar Göçen: Unfortunately, the economic situation of our country is seriously being affected both productionally and consumptively in consequence of the unwanted circumstances. Apart from that; development and differentiation of the production models and adaption to these take a long time for producers and farmers. Visible reductions, cause ineffectiveness in production and ingravescence in the system. Because of this circumstance, our producers are exposed to incuriousness and the economy of our country is effected negatively. In order to avoid these problems, our production- supported economy should be maximized numerically. 

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