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10 Important Reasons For Fish Consumption!

1.It protects people against cardiovascular diseases. 

Each increase in fish consumption, decreases the risk of cardiovascular diseases in the percentage of 7. Nevertheless, it avoids thrombose and paralysis by providing decreases in LDL through EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid)

2.It protects intestine health.

Omega-3, is especially protective against colorectal cancer. Besides, it is protective against intestine diseases such as; ulcerative colitis and chrone and decreases prevelance of the inflammation pus. 

3.It strengthens lungs. 

Fish consumption, especially decreases asthma indicators for children and avoids its’ existence. Lungs of the regular fish customers are proved to be healthier than other people. 

4.It avoids depression.

Omega-3, composes most of the oil acids in our body. If a failure in nerve conduction is assumed to be encountered, serotonin, dopamine, noradrenaline and such chemical nerve cells are possible to cause negative results for the emotionality of people. These failures are predicted to be the indicators of depression. In this regard, fish consumption is required at least two or three times a week. 

5.It strengthens the immune system.

It has a protective effect against the cancer types such as poly unsaturated fatty acids, colon, prostate and breast cancer. Omega-3, is anti- inflammatory; it strengthens the immune system by increasing resistance of the body against virus, bacteria, parasite and such infections. 

6.It provides saturation to skin and hair.

Fish, enables hair growth through protein and vitamin/ mineral that it contains and provides saturation. Moreover, it supports collagen tissue which provides flexibility to the skin and increases resistance against senility. Additionally; it avoids ripples. 

7.It decreases the diabetes risk. 

Fish, decreases the diabetes risk by reducing insulin resistance for the people through poly unsaturated fatty acids. 

8.It avoids amnesia.

Amnesia is protective against the neurologic diseases such as dementia. Additionally, the reading skills of children are developed and attention deficit, concentration impairment and such diseases are removed through DHA. 

9.It protects people from joint diseases.

Fish consumption is especially protective against inflammatory diseases. It is anti-inflammatory through Omega-3 oil acids, avoids inflammation by supporting the immune system and decreases the prevalence of joint diseases such as rheumatoid, arthritis and osteoarthritis. 

10.It supports eye health.

Omega-3 oil acids are important in terms of visual development and retina health. Consumption of fish and Omega-3 oil acids should be sufficient in order to avoid eye diseases for people. 


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