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4 Main Factors To Determine The Execution Time Of Fertilizers!

  • Climate Conditions

Fertilizing in rainy and moist weathers, should be made in a period toward planting. Because rains increase losses in plant nutrition products. Besides, in hot and droughty weathers, losses may cause from evaporation. By considering these situations, fertilizing time should be arranged. 

  • Soil Conditions

Soil conditions should be known well for fertilizers to hold on to soil. Applying nitrogenous fertilizers seperably on fine textured soils, will decrease losses. Phosphor becomes useless on calcareous and alkaline soils and the plants can’t utilise from these under no circumstances. Therefore, phosphoric fertilizers should be applied just before or while planting. Furthermore, fertilizing should be made by considering the needs of soil according to the analysis results. 

  • The Plant Type

Chemical fertilizers should be applied while or just after planting. The fertilizing time of fruit trees, show changes according to climate of the region that it should be made on February- March for the temperate regions and March- April for the extremely cold regions. All of the phosphoric and potassic fertilizers and half of the nitrogenous fertilizers should be given to plants at the first fertilizing of the year. And 2-3 months later, other half of nitrogen should be mixed with soil just before watering. 

  • The Fertilizer Type

The execution time of fertilizers, show changes according to the type of the fertilizer and plant nutrient element. 

  1. Phosphoric and Potassic Fertilizers: They should be given before or while planting. 
  2. Nitrogenous Fertilizers: They should obviously be given seperably. The half of them should be given while or just after planting and the other half should be given in the development period of plants. 
  3. Farm Manures: Organic fertilizers should be applied by considering the soil structure and climate conditions of the region. Accordingly, the ideal seasons are spring and autumn for the farm manures. 
  4. Fertilizers with P and K: They are given while planting and after shooting in fruit trees.
  5. Fertilizers with N: They are given while planting and at the beginning of the shooting activities. 

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