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What is Organic Agriculture?

Each passing day, the need for the development of agricultural techniques that will minimize the erosion, the salination of the soil, the impact of other diseases and pests, without polluting the air, water and soil, increases in the World. The nature-friendly production method that will meet this need is characterized as "Organic Agriculture".

Organic agriculture is the certificated agricultural production type that does not harm the human health and the environment, and that makes production without the use of chemical inputs, and its every stage is controlled from production to consumption. It is a production method aimed at the protection of vital resources and wildlife such as air and water, by preserving the natural balance.

In organic agrigulture, no chemicals or pesticides are used in the cultivation, harvesting, reaping, chopping, processing, grading, packaging, labeling, storage, transportation and in all other processes until the product reaches the consumer. As the farmers and their families exposed to the pesticides more frequently, Organic agriculture, primarily protects the health of the farmers and their families and as a whole protects and improves the health of the society. The more Organic agriculture becomes widespread, the rates of catching disease, of which treatment is very expensive, will decrease and the economy will indirectly be affected positively.

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