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A Pleasant Conversation With Agrovit About Sector Evaluation

In the date of 20.03.2017, an interview is made with Agrovit which is one of our Cattle Feed distributors.

Arda Yüceege: How is Agrovit established? When did it started its’ commercial activities, can you please mention in conclusion?

Suat Yıldırım: Agrovit is established in 1997 by 3 business partners. I, a technician and an experienced friend of us, are the founders of this company. We had worked in Anadolu Yem together before, we were experienced in the sector in this sense. We have been performing our activities since 2007. 

Arda Yüceege: What are the main factors which contribute to the growth of your company?

Suat Yıldırım: The past experiences and predominances of us are mostly the key factors for our success. These also provided rapid and efficient development for our company. At this point, the cooperation preferences become essential. As Agrovit, we firstly worked with Banvit, then decided to continue with Çamlı and Pınar. Each right decision that we take, has developed and provide us to reach success. 

Arda Yüceege: Can you share your expectations for the next five years in the livestock sector?

Suat Yıldırım: In my opinion, there are lots of technical efforts to made in this sector. Producer and field- based working is required. Because, our region is disadvantaged according to our farm average and the products which are taken for our dairy feeds as comparison with others. This existing circumstance, requires to give more effort than today as it is mentioned before. In order to be successful, the feed producers and our employers should be directed about information and farm management. Therefore, developments are going to be observed and substructure studies will mostly be completed. 

Arda Yüceege: Would you like to state your opinions about the feed and milk sector?

Suat Yıldırım: I believe that; the feed sector is going to improve in the future substantially. TOTAL FEED AND TMR in the farms are especially the subjects to dwell on. Therefore, awareness of the citizens can be increased by making more meetings. As Turkey, we are less developed than Europe and America. While our milk efficiency averages are about 6- 6,5 tone during 300- 500 lactation period, this rate is about 9- 10 tone both in the world and Europe. These datas show the big difference between countries. Our duty here is to raise awareness of our producers and develop our field studies. Except these, there are some provisions which are taken by the government in the milk sector. Accordingly, there are some required precautions. In fact, we have some problems about being deliberate. This causes because of our needs for milk cyclically. The companies don’ t want to give us milk like this. I believe that this circumstance is also going to improve. Our country is advantageous in terms of milk and milk powder intake that are provided by the government support. This circumstance is a good indicator for the developments about quality and efficiency in the future. 

Arda Yüceege: When did your cooperation start with Çamlı? What are your expectations in terms of development?

Suat Yıldırım: Our cooperation has been continuing for five years. Another reason for our success are the cooperatives of us. We are happy and proud of being in cooperation with Çamlı and we hope to develop our relationships with the new feed factory of the company. 

Arda Yüceege: What will your recommendations be to producers for the development of the sector?

Suat Yıldırım: As Agrovit, we are dealing with farm consultancy. We are trying to find the ways for increasing production and profitability. In order to make livestock more profitable, the businesses should develop themselves, make cost calculations regularly and take professional support if possible. At this point, we are going to work for the improvement of the sector as much as we can. 

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