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An Interview Upon Poultry Sector With Our Producer Mehmet Kaplan

An interview is made with Mehmet Kaplan, who is one of our turkey cultivators from Urla and contractual producers in the date of 15. 02. 2016. 

İdil Yengil: Hello, Mr. Kaplan. How are you? I would like to ask you some personal questions before beginning to our interview. How old are you, what is your educational status and what has your job been before?

Mehmet Kaplan: I am 42 years old. I am graduated from Urla High School and have been a textile exporter and dry cleaner before. 

İdil Yengil: How long have you been cooperating with Çamlı?

Mehmet Kaplan: Our cooperation has been continuing since 1999, nearly for 16 years. 

İdil Yengil: What sort of things should be done for an efficient production?

Mehmet Kaplan: High- degree of attention of the producers is initially required in this sector and accordingly; a daily due diligence is required in hatching times and production stages. Suitable conditions such as existence of a circular structure, heat, moisture and fresh air should be provided. Moreover, chips should be disposed sufficiently and poultry litters should be dry. Because, unless the production stages are implemented correctly, some problems may occur in the legs of turkeys. 

İdil Yengil: How often do you get inside poultry houses? What are the routine controls that you make?

Mehmet Kaplan: I pay special attention to the daily controls of mangers, heat, air, moisture and illumination times of inside.

İdil Yengil: What are the maintenance differences between chicks and turkeys? Does the animal care show seasonal changes?

Mehmet Kaplan: Heat and fresh air of inside, freshness of their feeds and water and proper illumination programmes are required for maintenance of the chicks. Besides, foul air inside should especially be cleared in summer for the well- maintenance of the turkeys. Furthermore, seasonal changes are going to be seen for these animals and I tried to mention about these changes in brief, in the lines that are stated above.

İdil Yengil: What are the advantages of Biosafety application which is started by Çamlı in your opinion?

Mehmet Kaplan: First of all, I would like to state that; this application is such an efficient application that protects animals from external factors and avoids all kinds of microbic illnesses. Especially because of the reasons that; mice carry the Black Death disease and foxes harm our turkeys by infiltrating into the webs, this Biosafety application is crucially important for the health of animals. From another point of view; producers should be supported financially and thus, higher efficient results are going to be obtained. 

İdil Yengil: Do you know which products are your turkeys being converted to after packing in Pınar Et? 

Mehmet Kaplan: Bologna, salami, sausage and turkey meat... 

İdil Yengil: Are you satisfied with the cooperation that you are in with Çamlı? Do you want to add anything else to your words? 

Mehmet Kaplan: Yes, I am satisfied with our cooperation. I wish you efficient sales with your increasing product range and capacity. 

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