Diversity To Awareness Or Awareness To Diversity

Diversity To Awareness Or Awareness To Diversity

I want all of us to look over our past, present and future times at the moment... Who were we at the past, what are we doing now and what will we be at the future? What sort of things did we miss or have still been missing? How do we feel? Why are we unhappy? Don’t we talk about the things that make us happy or sad when we meet with each other? What do we feel when we remember the past times of ours, were they pleased enough? Or were we the ones who beautify these times as much as we can? What happened at the present time that everybody feel different? Were we the ones who change or was the environment the reason of this change?

In my opinion, we should accept that we are overwhelmed with our feelings. Our thoughts and feelings manage us. In any circumstances, we should continue to be happy at the present time and future as we were in the past. We should accept that the world, environments, families, natural lives and thoughts of ours have been changing through time and we should always be respectful to ourselves. Moreover, we should accept the possible diversities in life and be aware of these. We should adjust to the diversities and be able to manage these. We should be open minded and tolerant and avoid any kind of assertivenesses from ourselves. We should be aware of our experiences and display a more tolerant and disinterested behaviour against anxiety, sadness, worry, anger and such negative feelings. 

In order to internalize this issue and learn how to create awareness in our lives, I would like to give an example from the slogan and principle of Apple; 'Think Different'

An expert physicist, is invented to the university by his lecturer friend. The lecturer, gives bad mark to a student and the student makes an objection against this circumstance. As a result of this arguement between them, the teacher decides to repeat the exam by consulting the given answer to a more proffessional person... 

The question is repeated as below;

“Show how to find the height of a high-rise building via barometer”

And the student answers; 

“A tall rope is tied to barometer and lopped from the top of building. And when it is connected to a ground, the height can be measured.” Although the given answer is irrelevant with science and doesn’t show the knowledge of the student, it is totally correct according to the expert physicist and lecturer. 

In order to measure the knowledge of the student, the expert suggests the student to formulate in 6 minutes. The student doesn’t write anything for the first 5 minutes, but then he answers; 

“Peak to the top of the building and throw out the barometer to the ground, calculate the fall time (t) with a chronometer. Height of the building is going to be  x=0.5*a*t^2.” Ultimately, the lecturer gives him the highest mark. 

However, the expert physicist worries about the student. Because he doesn’t give the expected answer. And he decides to ask the question in different ways and the student continues to offer various solutions at every turn. 

At the end, the expert asks him if he know how to measure height with a physically common method. In response to him, the student expresses that he feels embarrassed about the rote information which are tried to tought by the teachers at school as behaving like he can’t know or make reasoning by himself. 

In this story, the student’s name is Niels Bohr. He formed the atomic model which is called with its’ name for the first time and have taken the pioneering role in the development of quantum physics for nearly 50 years. Additionally, he is the owner of the Nobel Physics Prize which is gained in 1922.  

The expert’s name is Ernest Rutherford. He is a nuclear physicist and the owner of the Nobel Chemistry Prize which is gained in 1908. 

Mustafa Derici
Farklılık Farkındalık Diverseness Awareness Değişimleri Kabullenme Uygulanabilirlik Farkındalığın Gerekleri Practicability Acknowledgement Of Changes The Requirements Of Awareness

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