Management Reporting

Reporting, is defined as reporting the result of a business process to the relevant people

Süleyman Güler / December 15, 2017

New Trends in Aquaculture

Although changes may seen in the figures, aquaculture production is about 500 thousand tones in our...

Şeyma Tarkan / November 14, 2017

Innovation in Today's World

As it always happens, another concept has started to be consumed by people nowadays

Burak Demirkollu / October 10, 2017

Digitalized Minds in The Digitalization Process

During the past 10 years, our lives and purchasing habits have changed with the developed technology

İdil Yengil / September 6, 2017

Alternation of Fossil Fuels to Renewable Energy and The Solar Approach

We are in such a period that the harms of fossil fuel types such as coal, oil, natural gas and nucle...

Burak Demirkollu / August 16, 2017

Diversity To Awareness Or Awareness To Diversity

I want all of us to look over our past, present and future times at the moment...

Mustafa Derici / July 28, 2017

Silent Screams

Have you ever looked at someone or something and felt that you can make the world a better place?

Nurseli Güler / June 28, 2017

Industry from Past to Today; The Importance of Human Resources in Industry

The first mechanical equipments which utilize from water power has invented, steam power

Mustafa Derici / May 10, 2017

Production of The Fish in Danger or Exhaustability

I would like to share an article with you which I read it in the 2017 January issue of the Hatchery...

Şeyma Tarkan / March 23, 2017

Saving Investment Equilibrium and Development

For the developing countries, development can be defined as; increasing capital stock

Süleyman Güler / February 20, 2017

Production Planning and Marie Antoinette

‘Let them eat some pasta as if they can’ t find any bread!‘

Gündüz İlsever / January 30, 2017

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