Production of The Fish in Danger or Exhaustability

Production of The Fish in Danger or Exhaustability

I would like to share an article with you which I read it in the 2017 January issue of the Hatchery International newspaper. This article, has predicted salmon and rainbow trout which are assumed to be in danger by American National Saltwater Fish Service (NMFC) sweep to the Pacific Ocean after they are produced in hatcheries. Therefore, 23 hatchery production programme has been started for the purpose of breeding salmon which has similar genetic constitution with each other. It is in Washington, Oregon, Idaho and California and has reached to 330 hatchery programmes by expanding to 4 north-west states. 

The fish which are breeded in hatcheries, are not seen as wild animals scientifically. But, according to the information that are mentioned, the period for receiving social and scientific opinions about their survivals has been continuing regularly. 

It is important for our facility to avoid fish to escape from breeding facilities in the certification period. Therefore, a series of precautions are required to be taken. Aquaculture fish, mate with other wild types of animals and they don’t deform the genetic variability. 

Because of the fact that natural stocks are on the point of exhausting, aquaculture’ s mission becomes substantial. Apart from satisfying cheaper and more qualified protein needs of the humanity, production of fish in danger is required to support the natural populations. 

To conclude; aquaculture is essential for the human population whose nature and protein needs gradually increase. 

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