Updated Economic Definitions

The beneficial definitions to know about economy...

Süleyman Güler / September 27, 2018

Fish Welfare

CAREFISH- The project that is developed in order to increase awareness about fish welfare principles...

Şeyma Tarkan / August 31, 2018

Caring and Feeding Of Dairy Cattle In Their Transition Periods

The Transition Period, which occurs at the end of the maternity period and beginning of the lactatio...

Mesut Güner / June 28, 2018

Heat Stress For Cattle

Heat stress can shortly be defined as the reactions of animals against negative environmental condit...

İbrahim İnce / May 25, 2018

Being In An Optimum Balance

Achieving to be in an optimum balance with the Optimum Balance Training...

İdil Yengil / April 30, 2018

Any Of Three Radiations Of Heat Falling In Succession From Sun To Air, Public Calendar and Agriculture

It is believed that Cemre’s are the indications of 'the increases in temperature'. A word of Arabic...

Süleyman Güler / April 2, 2018

Continuous Change, Short Term Improvement And Long Term Development With Kaizen

Short term improvement and long term development are provided with kaizen...

Burak Demirkollu / February 15, 2018

The Importance and Management of Roughage in Breeding Dairy Cattle Businesses

Supply and management of roughage is the most important factor to be considered for animal health

Hasan Alçın / January 16, 2018

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