Being In An Optimum Balance

Being In An Optimum Balance

Hardly a day passed without learning something new… Every new day meant new doors opened in front of the people, and we developed on this path, adding new knowledge and different experiences to ourselves...

In February, I participated to a personal development training called Optimum Balance Model; I could not think that my perspective could change this way at the beginning. To put it plainly, I was a bit prejudiced on the first day of training. 

“When we try to get out of the ordinary or want to change something in our lives, don’t we all have a little bit of this prejudice? Isn’t it hard to change people because our brain only knows what it has experienced?” 

That's exactly what hours, days, weeks, months of training meant ... How would we get the reach called optimum balance in our lives? How would we change our perspective, how would we make our lives better, how would we become aware of who we are and how would we discover our abilities and take steps on the path to development? Here was the answer ...

'Optimum Balance Model', which deals with life in an integrated and practicable way, was created with the idea of a system that deals with the complex structure of the human mind. This model, which defines the natural system as 'life' and the regulatory system as 'human', addresses human beings with identities such as family (brother, son, parent, spouse, etc.), work (technician, manager, entrepreneur etc.), social environment (friend, supporter, citizen, compatriot etc), groups them into controllers, those in balance, and those spontaneous, and believes that everyone perceives and maps the life in proportion to what they experience. Situations where the regulatory and natural systems are equal in this system cycle are defined as flexible behaviors, the situations where the natural system is bigger than the regulatory system are defined as random behaviors, the situations where the natural system is smaller than the regulatory system are defined as the higher control rate, namely overcontrolling. Where the systems are equal, the persons are functional and sustainable. Where the natural system is larger than the regulatory system, people let the things flow, go to the direction to which the life leads, focus on the present or the positive past, they do not think about the future, and they are likely to regret this in the end. Where the regulatory system is bigger than the natural system, people are over-disciplined, have strict rules, and believe in a single truth. In more detail, the controller person tries to keep the life under control by focusing on the restrictions and threats. However, this method of control is not sustainable, because it targets negativity. A balanced person tries to reach the optimum level by focusing on resources and opportunities. It is the most correct and permanent road leading to success. The spontaneous person focuses on the neutral ones and the opportunities, accepts the life as it is.

Optimum Balance is the combination of peace and success, thus providing happiness for all of us. We should know what we want and be aware of our competencies which will enable us to transform the negative meanings we have given to the life and to feel ourselves better. To determine our place in life, we need to understand life, focus on our experiences and discover our feelings. Because the manner of our perception, depth and intensity of our emotions and the diversity of our experiences, also increase the broadness.

In summary, success starts with target. The people who have targets, are focus to see the opportunities in life. They become motivated and head for the target after getting into action. Success increases the self-confidence and self-esteem of people. When people succeed, they feel better and more valuable.

I tried to express the first part of the Optimum Balance Model training in detail, which explains ‘Getting to know ourselves’. I wish you to catch important clues about life.

İdil Yengil
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