Production Planning and Marie Antoinette

Production Planning and Marie Antoinette

November 2nd 1755 is the birthdate of Marie Antoinette who is the Austrian archduchess and last Queen of France. She mostly comes to mind with her ‘ Let them eat some pasta as if they can’ t find any bread! ‘ sentence in the French Revolution and giotin. 

First of all, I would like to mention about the entertaining life of Marie Antoinette briefly. She is the youngest child of Empress Maria Theresa and Imperial I. Francis. The Empress beared her when she was 38 as a medical miracle when it is thought that the lifetime in 1775 is until these ages of people. 

Marie Antoinette continues to live her life with the culture that she has been used to after she got married with French Prince Louis. But, those times were cheerless for the French people and the luxuriancy in palace drew reaction of the society. Hunger, anger and stress cause to be arised in these days. And Marie Antoinette continues to be a symbol of wastage and injustice. Then one day, a turning point arises; the production planning and conspirations cook her goose; 

XV. Louise, wants to produce a necklace which is going to be more superior than any other necklaces in the world for Madame Du Barry; a beautiful woman. With reference to the demand of King, jewelry designers start to manifacture the necklace which is going to last for years to be accomplished. During the designment which is about 14 million dollars, King Louise died. 

After his death, Madame Du Barry and other connections of him are moved away from the palace. While XVI. Louis; the husband of Marie Antoinette becomes the new King, the necklace is abandoned. 

The jewellers decide to go to the palace with the most superior and clientless necklace of the world. They hope the Queen Marie Antoinette to buy this necklace. They indicated that the necklace is specially designed for a young woman by XV. Louis a few years ago. But, the Queen didn’ t want the necklace which belongs to another person and she politely refused the demand of jewellers. 

In fact, the wastage has already done by the order of Royalty. On such an occasion, the jewellers find another solution. A young woman named Jeanne, starts to visit households by claiming that she has cordial relations with Marie Antoinette and her name spreads abroad in the palace. In this respect, Jeanne cooperates with the jewellers and starts to correspond with one of the noblemen. Instead of this behaviour of the so- called Queen, the nobleman feels bursting with happiness. The aim here is both to take in money from him and rest on the necklace. Accordingly, Jeanne and the nobleman meet and he delivers the necklace to her. Then, the gendarme commander bring it to London and sold there next day. 

When the collection due date arrived, jewellers can’ t get their payment from the nobleman. They decide to go to the palace and assess the required amount for the necklace. This prodigality and disloyalty of the Queen draw reaction of the society and they lose their confidence to the Kingdom. As a result; the rebellion which is going to be concluded with French Revolution, erupts after these gossips all around. 

As the importance of good production order, delivery on time and collecting sale prices from the customers are verbalized above; these are essential for all of us too. 

Let’ s indite the requirements below in order to avoid failures; 

  • Recognize the customer: What do the customers need? Can they make the required payment for their needs?
  • Say ‘ No ‘ to the irredeemable demands: Don’ t promise for anything which you can’ t perform. 
  • Give needed information to the customers: Who is the product manifactured for? How much will it cost and how long will it take? Maybe, the customers don’ t have such needs, their requests should be understood clearly. 
  • Don’ t exaggerate the product: It is possible for anyone not to need such a valuable necklace. 
  • Don’ t lose your focus: Our aim should be to sell. Getting in return from sales is important. Moreover, establishing commercial relationships which will provide various orders and collections are always preferrable. 
  • Confirm with customers about the preparation time of the orders: This example can be assumed as the indicator for answering. Although the King is dead, the palace and treasure will be permanent. 

Note: There isn’ t any evidence about the ‘ Let them eat some pasta as if they can’ t find any bread! ‘ sentence of Marie Antoinette. Additionally, a sweet bread type which is named ‘ broiche ‘ in French, is known to be presented as an alternative solution by another French Princess. In conclusion, quotes are as important as the production orders. 

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