Innovation in Today's World

Innovation in Today's World

As it always happens, another concept has started to be consumed by people nowadays which we named this concept ‘innovation’! In my opinion, although its’ meaning isn’t understood clearly, the usage of it is widespread. 

The companies which are underdeveloped in terms of innovation, perceive this term as below:

 - Innovation: It is a process which companies show their best performances perceptibly. 

- The Reality: The owner of the best performance wins!

- Innovation: It requires attendancy of many units to the process. 

- The Reality: Is it really necessary?

- Innovation: A creative idea in the company, doesn’t have to be generated by a genius. 

- The Reality: I can even notice it... 

- Innovation: Innovation which is the most important guarentee of sustainable profitability, should be systematic and reproducable. 

- The Reality: Innovation is everywhere!

- Innovation: Innovation is such a concept that comprises all of the products and services, distribution channels, customer experiences and business models. 

- The Reality: Innovation is everywhere! There is a quality circle! 

- Innovation: Innovation can comfortably be made in the large and small scaled companies. There is no need to spend lots of money.

- The Reality: Are we the ones who will make this? How do we affect?

- Innovation: Innovation means providing permanence and sustainable profitability in the competitive workplace environments. 

- The Reality: We have to learn the meaning of innovation and the methods for applying it to our work fields. We should adopt the ‘win-win’ approach. 

- Innovation: While the connection between quality and cost had been sufficient before, it is unfortunately insufficient at the present time. 

- The Reality: Can you please repeat again?

- Innovation: Innovation requires continuity and difference by gaining the ability for creating new things. 

- The Reality: It should be the end of our development process. 

- Innovation: Innovation is a must for permanent sustainable profitability and growth... 

- The Reality: This issue which is mentioned about was ‘kaizen’, right?

- Innovation: Innovation refers to any kind of ideational shift, perfectionist action, investment and financial raid with a more profitable, proactive, dynamic and flexible approach.

- The Reality: Are we innovative?

- Innovation: Innovation refers to renewable, new products and services. 

- The Reality: What about us? 

- Innovation: Untested and essential production methods should be handled for development. 

- The Reality: These may cause some negative effects for us. 

- Innovation: A company needs to be have productive, reunion and sales innovation techniques. 

- The Reality: Do we have to apply all of these techniques to be innovative?

- Innovation: It is not a new invention. The most economical method is to do the unknown thing and convert it to a commercial product as Spengler/Hoover, Tesla/Edison and such people did in the past. 

- The Reality: I see!

- Innovation: Bluetooth, wireless headset, wireless charge, autonomous drive and such innovations are shown as the most valuable ones. 

- The Reality: I think, it is more clear right now. 

- Innovation: It is a holistic activity. 

- The Reality: I have already known it! 

- Innovation: It is not limited with the activities of a company. It should comprise the activities of the whole companies in the market. 

- The Reality: We are not alone in the universe...

- Innovation: It requires a strong R&D ability. 

- The Reality: I agree with you, this should be the point to consider. 

Innovation is defined as a total activity which converts inventions to commercial earnings. Every company employees show different reactions to innovations. 

I tried to explain the meaning of invention with the innovation concept in my article. Gaining the ability in productive innovation, is going to accompany us to a thrummy production type. Thus, our modern and secular life styles will be guarenteed. 


Although it is difficult to correlate; Turkish Republic, formed its’ cultural codes with production and positivism by adopting the sustainability and competitiveness approach for the universe and humanity.


Additionally, there is a written work which is named ‘Competitive Advantage Of The Nationalities’ and belongs to M. Porter. The statements of him, which are relevant with this subject are as below;

“ The basic economical target of a nationality, is to provide its’ citizens high living standards. This ability depends on productivity while using national sources such as labor force and capital rather than competition. Productivity is an output value and depends on qualities and features of the products and production efficiency. 

National productivity is an essential concept while competing at the national level. High living standards depend on the increases in productivity level. The most important thing for people or companies to do is to contribute to themselves for these increases. Sustainability in the productivity growth, requires an advanced economy. The companies of a nationality, should develop productivity in businesses by aiming  to increase their product qualities, bringing extended features to products, developing the product technology or increasing the product efficiency. For example; Germany has been sustaining its’ wealth level through productivity for many years. The German companies, reach high automation levels by giving importance to quality and providing discernibility for their products. The companies of a nationality, should especially develop their competing abilities in the industry sector. Moreover, an advanced economy is such an economy that requires competing ability in the new and sophisticated industries. The aim here should be to satisfy the wage level and get prices above par in the international markets.” 

In today’s world, innovation is not just an economical concept. And as being the guarentee of social and universal peace, this concept is also related with other sciences.

Thank you.

Burak Demirkollu
İnovasyon Şirket Kültürü Innovation Corporate Culture Sürdürülebilir Büyüme Sustainable Growth

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