Silent Screams

Silent Screams

Have you ever looked at someone or something and felt that you can make the world a better place?

These eyes that I mentioned above, don’ t belong to a person; they are the eyes of cats and dogs. I am now wondering about how many people can feel like me... 

My story, dates back to the past six years. I saw a cat which suddenly jumped from a garbage dumbster and started to walk around me at that freezing cold weather in İzmir... Its’ eyes meant a lot for me that they were even the outpictures of my feelings. First of all; I wouldn’t know what to do, but after, I decided to adopt this sweet cat. 

I have started to struggle with this issue after that day. My thoughts and perspectives on life have changed with these attributions of mine. My imagination has developed and I have become a more humane and sensitive person. 

Our company unfortunately doesn’t have permission to house and feed animals inside because of being a food producing firm. Contrary to this; our charming smell enables cat population to increase continuously. This circumstance, causes different kind of negativenesses every year. It costs countless lives and pains for the animals. They are under risk here that are frozen to death, crush under pallets, die under trucks and or get poisoned during pest control. These negativenesses which are mentioned above, were enough me to adopt the cat... In fact, I would like to save more lives and put out of their miseries, but I couldn’t... 

As Çamlı, we broke a new ground in order to turn the disadvantage of ours into an advantage. We compromised with the employees from Bornova municipality about bringing cats in the facility to Aşık Veysel Recreation area after spaying. On this wise, cats will be able to shelter in the cat houses. Moreover, a social responsibility project has started under the leadership of Çamlı in order to provide animal welfare and create awareness for the society. 75 kg Cooldog food started to be donated to street animals in the park every month. ( If cat food is produced, it is going to be donated as much as this amount) Thus, we are going to be able to advertise our company’s name with the social responsibility projects that are performed and reply to the silent screams of animals...

Today is a wonderful day to sleep comfortably, isn’t it?

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Çamlı Yem Donation Cooldog Köpek Maması Bağış Çamlı Feed Sokak Hayvanları Barınak İhtiyacı Cooldog Street Animals Shelter Needs

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