Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency

Every year, the dates between 11- 18 January is being celebrated as ‘ Energy Conservation Week ‘. The aim here is to provide efficient, sufficient and rational usage for the energy sources by not squandering these and to create awareness for the proliferation of this consciousness. 

General Situation 

According to the Turkish Statistical Institute data; the total amount of import in Turkey in the year 2014 was 242 billion dollars and the energy import was 54. 9 billion dollars. Energy import considerably affects Turkey’ s exterior instabilities. The energy gap progresses between % 6- % 7 of GSYH since 2012. As the average energy import composes nearly % 23- % 25 of product import, it composes % 60- % 70 of annual trade deficit. 

Turkey’ s Energy Import in the last ten years (2005- 2014)

What Is The Definition Of Energy Efficiency?

Energy efficiency can be defined as decreasing the quantity of consumed energy per unit service or product by avoiding reduction in the quantity and quality of production for industrial associations and avoiding reduction in the life and service quality of production in buildings. 

The most important factor for energy efficiency is; ‘energy conservation’. Conservation and efficiency of the energy are crucially important in order to decrease external dependence, to protect environment and to provide increases in operativeness of struggle against climate changes. 

Energy conservation has two types. The first type composes of concrete precautions such as usage of high technology which directly conserves energy and arrangement of habits and attitudes which will provide a more efficient usage of energy. 

The second type composes of reductions in the production of new products which also means ‘ indirect energy conservation ‘ and arrangement of settlements which will provide minimized energy consumption. 

Why Is Efficiency Necessary For Energy?


  1. It is necessary because natural sources are rapidly consumed away.
  2. It is necessary because environmental pollutions occurs. 
  3. It is necessary because as energy conservation continues to be made, efficiency becomes a requirement. 

We Should Be Sensitive  

As Yaşar Group, 5 prior areas are identified within the sustainability approach. These are ‘ Energy and Climate Change ‘, ‘ Water Usage and Waste Water ‘, ‘ Current Materials and Waste ‘, ‘ Health and Security ‘ and ‘ Social Contribution ‘ . Yaşar Group, which primarily handles struggle with climate change within sustainability approach, takes firm steps forward targeted results with its’ carbon emissions abatement and energy efficiency studies. 


As long as we don’ t begin to change production and consumption type of the energy, we will be obliged to face with environmental crisis. This means that; we should focus on energy efficiency more and we should use the renewable energy sources more. 

Süleyman Güler
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