How Should My Product Be?

How Should My Product Be?

From the time e-commerce had first developped, many changes occurred in our lives, preferences and view points. In comparison with the past times; selectivity has become the first criteria for people. All brands compete with each other and struggle to create the strongest name in the market. Today, brand identity and value are very important to be created via strategical brand management.

In order to strengthen our products’ features, it is very important to analyse the target audience. Having knowledge about their interests and knowing how to promoto them to consume, will show us the way to improve our brand.

  • Who are our target audiences?
  • How should we attract them? What are their communication styles?
  • What do they like?
  • How do we create selective perception on them?
  • What sort of things do they consider while making preferences?
  • How often do they use social media? Which social media channels do they prefer to spend their spare time?

As looking at and evaluating the factors above; it is possible us to make a good start for our brand strategy.

In addition to the target audience analysis; branding is such a concept that includes many other requirements inside it such as uniqueness, passion, stability, competitiveness, accessibility and leadership. Uniqueness, should mainly be a target. Everybody wants to create something different and be unique in consumers’ minds. It provides self-confidence, gives motivation and affects creativity positively. Passion, provides long-term relationship between products and consumers. It gives energy, make people curious and excited about the upcoming innovations and happy to be using that brand’s products. All passionate brands attract everybody around and keep relationships energetic. Besides all mentioned above; stability is another factor to be considered. It provides continuity in consumption by being stabilized in its’ quality and service. Moreover; it balances between products and consumers.

Competitiveness, accessibility and leadership make brands valuable and unique in the market. Competitiveness will no doubtly strengthen with continuous development beyond expectations and finally the brand will become unique, attractive, pleasant, innovative and successful in consumers’ minds. Accessibility, means having the competence to reach consumers from various channels. In today’s world, there are lots of social media channels that enable brands to introduce themselves and do their marketing activities. Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram and Youtube are popular channels to take place and advertise ourselves and find new buyers to our products/ brands. In addition to all of these; television and magazine advertisements are the other using methods for accessibility and branding. As being the last requirement for brands; leadership should be defined as the locator in the sector. A leader brand is always different, special, desirable, passionate, admirable and privileged in consumers’ minds. This situation is as same as the other brands too and competition mainly causes because of this reason. They all try to do, look, see, evaluate, sell, advertise, market, approach, show and prefer like the leader.  

To sum up all the things written above; I wanted to refer to the importance of introducing a new product into the market, creating a new brand and both protecting and developing it with the desire, excitement and stability felt at the first day. Thank you for your time!


İdil Yengil
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