In Other Words ‘ Marketing ‘

In Other Words ‘ Marketing ‘

Marketing is sometimes like life. It is something that we all struggle about. Instead of assuming marketing as an aim which always has a vital importance for all of us, some people use marketing as a means of reaching their specific goals. In fact, these people are wrong because of the fact that marketing is the reality for everyone by itself. 

Both the communicative language and the ability of persuasion are the sole purposes for us that we need while walking alone on the road. Importance of the communicative language is valid for all of the living creatures, not just for people. The ability of persuasion can be defined as a key part for differentiating ourselves in the society.

Professionally; marketing can be defined as making product promotions in the most suitable social media channels, using the most attractive language for the target audiences and creating needs for consuming. 

How are the needs being created according to what sort of things?

Here is the list of our basic needs: 

Food& Beverage ( always at the top of the list, irreplaceable! )

Clothing ( passion for shopping from various places, it is always attractive; no need to ask where it is, how to purchase! )

Fuss and Feathers ( especially indispensable for women, everything is for beauty! )

We have three basic needs as it is seen above in today’ s world and marketing is the main point to be focused on here. It is required to observe where the deficiency is or find the things that should be improved for these target audiences. 

If the definition of innovation is being talked about, then this should be our reality continuously. Innovation is the heart of marketing. It is the main reason for our enthusiasm. 

As it is mentioned above; marketing is not a tool, it is absolutely an aim. 

Here is the list of the aims of marketing:

Specifying the consumption needs by making product promotions at the right time and place. ( From the heart of marketing! )

Selecting the most suitable communicative language and using it to attract people when necessary via by advertisements. ( It is always determinant! )

Providing the continuity for each target. ( Feedbacks are going to be seen here! )

When marketing is the main point to be mentioned; aim lists can be developed day by day. Here is a continuous way which never ends and always renovate itself. Because of these reasons, marketing is like life. Let’ s think about the past years of us. Who can be still the same as if it is compared with today? As everyone knows; the answer is none of us.

Life is a road and we are the passengers. The main issue is to beautify ourselves by being renovated day by day. Going round in circles is an unacceptable attitude not just for people, it is also unacceptable for the world. We have never adopted such an attitude until this time and from now on, we will never and never do it!

I; as a person who has recently joined to Çamlı family, sincerely wish everyone pleasant days full of marketing... 

İdil Yengil
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