The Bird Who Lost Its' Daylight

The Bird Who Lost Its' Daylight

13.10.2016 is the 43th death anniversary of Cavit Şakir Kabaağaçlı; The Fisherman of Halicarnassus. In order to make this moment valuable; I would like to tell the story of “ The Bird Who Lost Its’ Daylight“. 

I am mentioning about seagulls. We all see them ashore and hear their cries. As distinct from others; there are offshore seagulls whose wings are bigger and longer. They are called “Miho” in South Mediterranean. 

They remind wingy bubbles and make us feel lonely. While sea waves rise like waterfalls, ‘ Miho ‘ crows by leaving storm and clouds behind and becomes a tiny point at the sky. After a little while, this point disappears and the seagull Miho, becomes isolated. As it belongs to another world with clear weather conditions without storm, eagle of the sea sometimes cries for hours. Its’ rival is known as lightning. The unresponsive audiences of sea and infinity are not as predatory, billed and clawed as the ones which are onshore. They survive as a white cloud which crow far up. 

Hacı Süleyman, has been walking a long way with his shotgun and dog since dawn when he heard the cries of partridges. All of the birds and insects were welcoming the day with  bushes, mountains, stones and seas. Because the most desirable thing that they need is the daylight. In fact, it is not just desirable for birds; it is also an essential need for flowers, fish and people. Because, all of them are living in the sun and are nourished from the sun. Daylight means security for partridges; because it is the end of myctophobia both for itself and its’ poults. 

After long ways, Hacı Süleyman arrived near an escarpment. Although the cries of partridges were being heard from everywhere, any of them couldn’ t be seen around. He got angry and shouted at his dog; ‘ Don’ t you have a nose? Can’ t you smell? ‘ Then he kicked it. The dog was scared that it moved over. After a couple of minutes, it suddenly barked and a wing rustling is heard at that moment. 

There was a Miho spawning on the top of a high rock. Hacı Süleyman saw it and fired his shotgun by aiming at the bird. At that moment; it flapped its wings and fell down. Its’ plumes dispersed around. After it succeed to stay in balance, it directly crowed. 

In order to find the daylight; Miho has flown for 5 hours without stopping and even seeing. Moreover; it tried to find the sky, but couldn’ t. It knew that; its’ nest is on a stone, somewhere on the sky. The Miho was now wondering about its’ children; ‘ Were they hungry, what were they doing and what were they going to do without their mother? ‘ After a little while, it stopped worrying and decided to go ahead with all his power and hoped to get rid of this darkness as soon as possible. 

Miho was still trying to find its’ daylight and see the blue sky. Thus, it has flown for 5 hours more till the midnight. It was getting further away from its’ energy and becoming exhausted. For the last time; it called its’ children with a hoarse voice and fell down to the sea... 

This is the story of the bird who lost its’ daylight. 

The Fisherman of Halicarnassus

Gündüz İlsever
Halikarnas Balıkçısı Gündüzünü Kaybeden Kuş The Fisherman Of Halicarnassus The Bird Who Lost Its' Daylight

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