A Fruitful New Year

A Fruitful New Year

In 2013 that we left behind, there were too many fluctuations on agriculture and stockbreeding. The producers had difficulties in balancing input costs. We experienced that costs of hay increased fabulously. Milk and meat prices mostly remained under market conditions. The producers had to slaughter too many animals to remove the shortage of cash.

Within this period when large-scale producers were damaged, many farms came up for sale. Family-owned companies maintained their sustainability in some way thanks to other sub-branches. Increase in costs of hay put many producers in a difficult position and although companies that could produce their own feed crops had difficulty by making loss from the profit when compared to other companies, they continued to make production.

In the last quarter of 2013, there was a relied in the market with the increase of consumer demand for milk and meat products. The producers entered into more comfortable period because of the fact that costs of corporate and local companies collecting milk were more suitable and with changes in payment methods.

We expect that same market conditions continue in the first and second quarter of the year of 2014. As Yaşar family, we will be happy as much as our producers if we see that they are stronger. I wish that this year will be fruitful and efficient for everyone. I hope that 2014 will open a new page in Turkish agriculture and stockbreeding and provide that we will go a step further. I wish happy New Year for all Yaşar Holding employees and especially for all of our producers.  

Arda Yüceege
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