A Horse, A Kingdom

A Horse, A Kingdom

It is a great good day for an individual living in Izmir. Today, I see that it is snowing again for the first time for many years. Maybe, for many people, this is not a snow fall, but even these small white snowflakes arouse a felling of happiness. As a Company, we had happiness yesterday like this one. We attended in commendation ceremony of our friends working with us for many years by 30th establishment anniversary of Çamlı. Besides, film having theme of “My name is Pınar” and prepared because of the fact that it was 40th year of Pınar and film in which life of Mr. Selçuk Yaşar who is our Honorary Chairman is described affected all participants and received great appreciation. And I congratulate everyone who contributed, it was a successful organization.

 Among these beauties, in the ceremony which was held yesterday, while Mr. Mehmet Aktaş who is our Chief Executive Officer emphasized structure of the Company titled Çamlı Yem ve Besicilik and strategic importance for human and animal health, Mrs. Idil Yiğitbaşı who is our Chairman of the Board focused on concept of “Only Health” in the same way and they emphasized that critical points such as feed quality and animal health will directly affect human health.

While our Managers were telling these things, the poem whose English version is “For want of a nail” came to my mind. I can translate this poem in English as follows:

Because of a nail, a horseshoe was lost,

Because of a horseshoe, a horse was lost,


Because of a horse, a soldier was lost, 

Because of a soldier, a message was lost,

Because of a message, a war was lost,

And because of a war, a kingdom was lost,

And all of these things arose from a nail.  

 In the history, there are lots of versions of this poem whose real author is not known, however mostly, it is mentioned in the War of the Roses in 1485 of III. Richard with the fact that he lost his horse firstly and then he lost his life and his kingdom. This poetical expression is the first reference made to Veterinary Medicine and to its importance. 

 Word of “Veterinary” was derived from the word of veterinae whose meaning is working animals in Latin language and it was used firstly by Dr English Thomas Browne in 1646. However; definition of Veterinary Medicine dates back to very old times, Kahun Papyrus belongs to 1825 BC and it contains inscriptions concerning Administrative Sciences, Math, Human Medicine and Veterinary Medicine.  As in the concept of today’s “Only Health”, Human Medicine and Veterinary Medicine mentioned together in the history and the most significant example of this is the history of Aesculap. Aesculap who is a mythological character known as the ancestor of Human Medicine and also mentioned in Hippocratic Oath and another mythological character who is maybe the first Veterinarian is student of Chiron. In other words, according to this history, information of Human Medicine receives its origins from Veterinary Medicine.

This radical occupational group tries to regain its prestige that it lost unfortunately in our country because of many reasons in recent days. In our country, Veterinarians were equipped with very critical responsibility and authorities in animal health, pharmacology and medicine sector, feed technology, microbiology, pathology and histology, farm management with EU directives within sector of food of animal origin and relevant laws. Especially, in “Reliable food chain from farm to fork” and in respect of management and eradication of epidemics, official authorities ask for control and approvals of Veterinarians at first for protecting public health.

I hope that the Veterinarians who primarily protect human health against diseases such as yellow fewer, malaria, brucellosis, salmonellosis and avian influenza will gain professional prestige that they deserve with reliance placed to Veterinarians and this responsibility given to them and by revealing their information and abilities also in our country

In parallel with my writings, I recommend that you read interesting writing of Mr. Ilker Birbil who is author of Radikal newspaper and that I gave link;

V For Veteriner

 I hope that we will all have happy and peaceful winter and that we will not have any problem within this period.


Gündüz İlsever
Pınar Veteriner Hekim Hayvan Sağlığı Gıda Zinciri Veterinary Medicine Health

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