Are Technological Investments Priority than Investment to People?

Are Technological Investments Priority than Investment to People?

When we examine communities’ existence, proceeding and how it reached current public structure, technological developments play very important role in shaping structure of community, and therefore have an effective position in human life. Of course, technological tools which we say unforgivable today have great importance. They are the things making our lives easier. Human being can produce better things by using technology.

Investment to People, Education and Technology;

Most important concepts of business world of 21st century are “productivity” and “added value”. Companies have thought to be able to provide same or more output with less human resource in order to catch them. However, it is “sustainability” concept that should be thought together with those concepts and probably fundamental of them. Any company not having sustainability can be productive how much it wants; if it can’t make this continuous, it wouldn’t have too important value. The thing that would provide sustainability is not technology, but "qualified human resource, human power, human mind ".

"Companies spend money for hardware rather than employees". It is seen that investments of companies for technology, equipment and machines increased against increasing worker costs; however investment for employee decreased. For example; According to data of the Ministry of Trade on USA economy, while expenditures for employees have increased only 2%, investment for technology and equipment have shown an increase around 26%.

It is obvious that better technologies bring better business opportunities together with it. The commonly said company slogan "Human is our most valuable property" has changed to "Qualified and high-potential human resource is our most valuable property" today. Qualified and high-potential employees will easily adapt to rapidly changing business world and technology. In an environment where qualified personnel is hardly found,stopping investmes for human has equal value with putting stone in front of sustainability of organization. It shouldn’t be forgotten that source of the advantage of sustainable competence is "human". Even you work with higher technology, at last, it is "qualified human resource" who make maintenance for this machine and who raise its version.

We want to build very high buildings, building blocks, roads, bridges, modern stadiums, courthouses. Of course, all of them are requirement, but if we invest only for technology, we would find people, who will hear words that we don’t want to hear at modern stadiums, who will make more lawsuits at courthouses, who cannot communicate with citizens in front of them as an employee whose education level stayed back of technology in state offices having perfect technological understructure. If people of a community are depressed, their works are troublesome and they lost their confidence, it is impossible to produce quality from that place. 

Nowadays that Turkey passes through a demographic transformation process, it is calculated that population of Turkey would reach to 100 millions in year 2050. Human is also most valuable capital of future as it is today. Investment for human returns back excessively. Their education, health, social insurance and employment at correct place are prerequisite for carrying country and firms to upper ranks in competition.Any county not making investment on human cannot be a developed country.

One of institutional values of Yaşar Community is “Human Resource”.  Educated human resource, which is open to all developments based on science, which looks future with hope, which raise human with higher self confidence, which is inspired from our rich culture, who are congruent with the world, who adopted success-oriented work in the light of science, unity and success, is one of our most important values.

Süleyman Güler
Sermaye Teknoloji Eğitim İnsan Kaynağı Technology Yaşar Topluluğu Human Resource Education İnvestment

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