Are We Conscious?

Are We Conscious?

We are dreaming about a fertile year with lush grasses and rich forages around by being allied to the temperature increases and increasing rain. Because, we want to make our producers happy by providing them suitable conditions for breeding as always happens. And in accordance with our demand, we say; ‘ Grass means life, forage means soul for this work piece. ‘ 

This year, grasses should be abundant that milk will be able to show itself effectively. We want our producers to milk cows effusively, to breed Toraman sheep and goats. Nevertheless, efficiency for breeding is not going to be provided with just forage- based feeding. If we want healthy animals; we should previously and crucially give importance to their touching activities. As all of us make tiny distinctions for our babies, this demeanour is equally important for our animals. And it will be beneficial to emphasize that; efficiency in feeding is prerequisite for them. 

These animals inherently eat grass. At this point, we; as people caused subvertion and made discriminations as they are fabric. We demanded milk, the fabric produced it for us. Then, we demanded meat, the fabric produced it for us too. While production processes were being completed, the animals highly deprived themselves. We gave grasses to them, they gave milk to us, we gave grasses to them, they gave birth to us, we gave grasses to them, they gave bristles and clips to us. They always gave us whatever we wanted. I want to emphasize that; our fabric doesn’ t work with grass. As chemical laboratories do; it produces milk, meat, clip and bristle from the grass. But, it shouldn’ t be forgotten that; if we continue to make productions with this approach, this chemical labaratory will surely be exploded and our animals will be damaged. 

Our forages are insufficient. The contents of energy, protein and phosphor are low. This circumstance means that; when animals eat grasses, deficiency is going to be seen for them; they won’ t be able to produce because of the fact that their stomachs will be sticked out. The implementation of proper feeding methods are required for producers to sustain their lives better and to earn more money. Supplementary feeding method should be implemented especially in ‘ Mating of Sheep ‘ periods for the increase in the rate of twin pregnancy and the disappearance of insemination problems. Healthy births will be provided by well- cared animals, besides animals will be well- cared with abundant milk. We should dote on our lambs and goats for maturing. 

If we can change ourselves somewhat and if we can break the taboos which are patrilineal, increases in efficiency levels will be seen and healthier flocks will be obtained. It mustn’ t be forgotten that; animal care has to be maximized for an efficient production. 

İbrahim İnce
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