Are You The Ones Who Come To Mind When ‘ Pass Code of Sales ‘ Is Being Mentioned About?

Are You The Ones Who Come To Mind When ‘ Pass Code of Sales ‘ Is Being Mentioned About?

We joined an education program in 8th December 2015. The reason why I chose this topic to mention about is because of the created impressions on me. The name of the education program was ‘ Pass Code of Sales ‘ and the subject of it can be summarized as the golden words which are prerequisite for business life.  

What are the requirements for a successful sale? And when does marketing step in? I would like to draw up the combination of these two words at the moment.

A successful sale, accrues with soft words. It should be known that; although the concepts of the‘ soft words ‘ and the right to freedom of expression are obtainable and interdepending with each other for everyone, self- expression types vary from people to people. In this case, the usage of ‘ soft words ‘ vary too. 

Most importantly; a salesperson has to continually ask questions to the customers with the aim of making need- based sales. 

If there wouldn’ t be any customers, we won’ t be too!

Are you the sellers who believe the fact that is being mentioned above to get efficiency from sales? The determination of target audiences is the main fact for an efficient sale- making. After the accomplishment of this step, sales will be an endless process which lies ahead of us. 

For whom are we producing? For whom are we trying to create needs? How are we investing in future? Who are our targets? 

Customers are the people who answer all of these questions.

Marketing is a concept which answers all of these questions that are above- stated, determines who the target audiences will be, takes aim and combines with sales. 

Sales is the result of a process which means; being able to give inspiration to the customers sensationally and strategically and relaying against costs of the products or services towards parties. 

If we talk about these two definitions, it is going to be a pertinent remark to say that; 

If it wouldn’ t be, we won’ t be too. 

Creating difference, is the golden rule to be successful while achieving goals. This created difference has to be seen in product, message and person. 

Difference in product is charming. It encourages people to purchase with the differences in colors, the quality in fiber of fabrics and the unique taste in its’ products by attracting them with the messages that are given. 

Communication is indispensible for a seller. For an efficient sale; 


  • Do I exist?
  • Is my existence approbative and acceptable?
  • Am I reliable?
  • Am I valuable? 
  • Am I popular? 


and such needs of potential buyers primarily have to be satisfied. 

In the heat of the moment, let’ s exemplify these 5 items above;

Is our need created?

Yes, it is created.

Now, it is time to make a choice...

Let’ s think about a shopping centre in which a lot of appetizing products take place. But, when we look around, we realize that the sellers are irrelevant to the customers. 

The options are; 

I find the product that I want, check it properly, be sure about there aren’ t any defects on it and fulfill the purchasing action. 

I make my purchasing decision according to the feelings that the product make me feel. If I feel myself valuable somewhere, then I mostly decide to purchase from here instead of from a place in which irrelevant sellers work. 

If someone asked me such a question, I would choose ‘ Option B ‘ as an answer. And I am sure that; most people in today’ s consumption culture will choose ‘ Option B ‘ as being conscious consumers. 


Because, thousands of types are being produced for a product category in today’ s world. Therefore, various brands are competing with each other. Surely, the winner of the competition will be the one which mostly adopts the consumer- based approach and uses its’ silver tongue with the message which is aimed to be given to customers.  

In accordance with today’ s competition conditions, each of us should be desirable for being the winning party and in this regard, we should primarily come to mind when ‘ Pass Code of Sales ‘ is being mentioned about. 

I would like to present thanks to our Dear Educator,  

İdil Yengil
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